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SUZANNA GRACE, LRMT  LIC.MA7020  (954) 554-8150

K9 therapies restore function, maintain health & add vitality to your dog’s life!

Land & warm water pool therapies are proven effective and a valuable adjunct in canine rehabilitation.

Each of us hopes for a long, healthy and happy life for our dogs. Just as humans experience a range of physical challenges over time, so do our dogs.

The right intervention goes a long way. Suzanna Grace – experienced over 30 years and trained by master practitioners – is highly knowledgeable & skilled. She has made amazing strides with very difficult rehabilitation cases. 

Everything from maintaining the vitality of young active dogs to rehabilitating injured, handicapped, ill or geriatric dogs. Suzanna is well known & respected by other professionals and clients. 

Learn more about the land and water therapies of
Suzanna Grace by clicking here, or call (954) 554-8150. 

“Suzanna’s work with my Wheaten Terrier
has been nothing short of miraculous…”

“You could tell as soon as Suzanna put her hands
on Sophie that she was deeply caring and intuitive
to our dog’s needs…”

“Jake’s emotional and spiritual progress has
been amazing, thanks to you…”

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